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Our Tours

Rain forest tour

Experience taking a drive up to the northern side of Tobago, wiles enjoying a panoramic view of the Caribbean sea, taking several photo stops on the way to the oldest protected forest reserve in the western Hemisphere.

Waterfall tour

Enjoy a beautiful walk through the lush Cocoa Plantations which produces the best 100% Chocolate. This tour also includes a 20 minute walk up to the largest Waterfall in Tobago

Buccoo Reef, Nylon Pool, Glass Bottom boat

Buccoo Reef trips with snorkeling. See the corals and exotic fishes in our Caribbean waters, visit the Nylon Pool where you swim and snorkel in the Buccoo reef.
Snorkels and Life jackets are on board

Sunday School

Come enjoy our National instrument being played for your enjoyment. Music and food every Sunday evening

Coastal Tour

Cruise up the Caribbean coast enjoying the Caribbean sea with an open bar.
Swim and snorkel, enjoy music and local rum punch. BBQ on the beach, and if you are lucky perhaps swim with dolphins

BBQ Rum Punch, Buccoo reef Glass Bottom boat

Buccoo Reef trips with snorkeling. See the corals and exotic fishes in our Caribbean waters, visit the Nylon Pool where you swim and snorkel in the Buccoo reef.
Beach BBQ and Rum punch
Snorkels and Life jackets are on board

Fishing trips

Let’s go fishing up the Caribbean coast – where we fish with an open bar. Dance to our local music and swim with the dolphins (IF they are “home”)
Enjoy the evening sunset at Western end of the island

Little Tobago

Experience a beautiful view while taking a drive up the Atlantic side of the island. Going through different villages up to Speyside. Your trip continues on a boat ride to the island to view and listen to the sounds of the birds. (frigate birds, red Bill tropic birds). On the trip there is also opportunity to snorkel, see the largest brain coral in the Western hemisphere

Island Tour

Experience a breathtaking drive, visiting various forts, beaches, picture taking, having a sea bath on the coast. Getting panoramic view of the entire Caribbean and Atlantic ocean. Cooler is on board with light beverages, and Lunch in the afternoon

Humming Bird Watching

Enjoy watching different species of birds whilst relaxing in a cool lush area, close up view of birds like Hummingbird, Tangent, Blue Crown Mot-Mot, Doves, Mocking Birds etc.
Light refreshments

Turtle Watching

Season: March to September

The endangered Leatherback turtle comes to the beaches of Tobago to nest and lay their eggs. You can sometimes experience to see hatchlings coming out from the nest and finding their way back to the sea.

Car Rental

After touring the Island, perhaps you would like to go back to some of the places and spend more time? or to explore more on your own. We can organize car rentals

Jet ski

Take a break from the beach – get on a jet ski and race the waves
We organize your rental


Experience Tobago night life, or “liming” as we call it.
Restaurants, Night Clubs, Casinos, Late night at Beach, BBQ
Special occasions – we can organize and make anything happen


24/7 Taxi service – anywhere on the island

Why us?

Certified Experience

Certified tour-guide for Tobago, and Trinidad with more than 15 years of service


Licensed by TTHTI

Competitive Pricing

Our tours and cost includes what you need, and can also be tailored to your specification


Keino Twin Isle Tours have 3rd party insurance for all our guests

20 Years Experience

More than 20 years of tour guide experience in Trinidad and Tobago, A well known person on the island full of vibes and culture.

Transport / Taxi

We also provide Taxi service 24/7 to any parts of Tobago